Save Your Spot for the Saints Trip to Las Vegas!

  • Deposit for Saints-Raiders Trip The Saints will play the first ever regular season NFL game in Las Vegas, currently scheduled for Monday night, September 21st. As a result, TailgateNola will begin taking deposits for the Saints trip to Las Vegas immediately! This deposit of $50 holds your spot for the trip. We are currently reserving one flight, which will hold approximately 200 people. Given the current social distancing and the uncertainty of when the season begins, we are making the deposit refundable through August 1st, so if the date does not work for you, you can get your money back.

    We understand the NFL season is in flux. The schedule may change if the battle with Covid-19 determines it should. The deposit will change accordingly to reflect any changes the league may announce.

    Don't miss out on the first season of NFL football in Las Vegas! Don't wish later you didn't see one of the last games in the storied career of Drew Brees! Just $50, which is completely refundable before August 1st, gives you peace of mind in knowing that if the date works for you, you'll be in Vegas watching the Saints and the Raiders do battle!

  • Total (USD) $50

Make a deposit on one spot for Vegas - $50

Make a deposit on two spots for Vegas - $100

Make a deposit on three spots for Vegas - $150

Make a deposit on four spots for Vegas - $200

Make a deposit on 10 spots for Vegas - $500